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Books that everyone should have read!

X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis: Practical and Easy - 2nd edition

by Dr. Rainer Schramm

This book focuses on the practical use of XRF. 

Newcomers to the technique will find it extremely helpful, experienced users will also be able to expand their knowledge.

  • Fundamental concepts are explained
  • Important data is listed in handy table form
  • Illustrated, step-by-step sample preparation tips are shown

Many examples of real-life sample preparation problems are detailed and the solutions for the successful preparation and analysis, derived from FLUXANA´s unrivalled experience in the XRF technique, are shared with the reader.

Includes a free PDF version of the book.


Guidelines for XRF analysis

by James Willis, Clive Feather, Ken Turner


Together, Prof. James Willis, Dr. Clive Feather and Dr. Ken Turner possess 130 years of XRF experience.
This book contains all their combined knowledge concerning method development.


Especially the commodity chapters dealing with the creation of application-dependent measurement programs for WDXRF instruments should be noted. There are recommendations for selecting element lines and the associated background positions.  Application-dependent scans show possible line overlaps and influences due to selection of the analyzing crystal and collimator. All important parameters are addressed and their influences explained for each application. Wherever possible, comparisons to EDXRF are also made.


In my opinion, this book is a must for every developer of XRF methods.

Dr. Rainer Schramm



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