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    Efficient and reliable gas fusion machine drawing on decades of expertise.

  • VITRIOX® GAS Models

    Available in different models and with additional functions e.g. casting dish sensors.

  • Platinum Ware

    Long lasting materials and reliable recycling services without risk for the customer.




The VITRIOX® GAS is a gas operated fusion machine with cold to cold automation and up to 6 positions that can operate simultaneously. lts technology is based on many years experience in XRF fusion and analysis. lt offers:

Safety: optional platinum mould sensors, customer-specific safety housing and fume hood, gas detector, safety pilot 

Precision: great advantages over pressed pellets preparation and good temperature control

Reliability: robust design and high quality parts ensure a long product life  

Comfort: touch display for the storage of multiple application settings and fusion programs; easy-to-use software

Flexibility: upgradeable; ICP/AAS and peroxide option

Service: expert laboratory support; service team for international support; complete XRF solutions




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