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  • BORAMAT® 30 Material Doser
  • Lithium borates in spherical form
  • Three easy dosing steps
  • BORAMAT® 30 Material Doser

    You can achieve even greater efficiency and save more time with the BORAMAT ® 30, which can dose up to 30 samples with flux in containers up to 27 mm in diameter.

  • Lithium borates in spherical form

    Flux as micro beads – ideal for automatic weighing.

  • Three easy dosing steps

    Weigh in the sample without the need to remove the beaker from the carousel.





Dosing of up to 30 samples of flux with the automatic dosing machine BORAMAT® 30. Compared to the BORAMAT ® 18, the BORAMAT ® 30 gains yet more efficiency and therefore saves more time in sample preparation. It weighs 30 samples in containers up to max. 27 mm diameter. The intelligent software and monitoring functions minimize error and increase security in the whole weighing process.

A small scale that is built into the machine enables the use of the catch weight function. With it the user can weigh in a rough amount of sample without the need to remove the beaker. Once the sample is weighed, the BORAMAT® automatically adds flux until the desired ratio is reached.





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